Moriah Early Childhood Center

Kehilla K’dusha

Our “Sacred Community” of children, parents, and faculty.

Our faculty is a cohesive community of advanced degree professional teachers and consultants all committed to a philosophy of Jewish lifelong learning.

Relationships are valued and nurtured, with intentionality given to the formation of partnerships between and across children, staff and families in our program. Our unique program of a preschool operating within a full day early childhood center, quality programming is available for children 6 weeks through pre-Kindergarten. Jewish values and traditions are seamlessly integrated into an emergent curriculum inspired by the schools in Reggio Emilia, Italy. At Moriah ECC we see each child as B’tzelem Elokim (in the image of God) with their own assets and places to grow. Within a classroom community each child’s unique needs are identified and addressed. This includes enlisting resources and engaging collaboratively with the appropriate professionals.

Moriah ECC was proud to have been selected as a vanguard school in a Jewish Early Childhood Educational Initiative – a national program created to enhance educational quality. Each facet of our program, environment, professional development, parent participation and documentation are approached with intentionality and quality. We are presently in partnership with a Jewish Educational Consultant group to provide opportunities for educators nationally.

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Join us to see what makes Moriah a kehilla kedosha (sacred community) of children, parents, and faculty.