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A chavurah is a community formed with the specific intention of striving to live a life of greater meaning and purpose. Three of the most important aspects of such a life are Study, Prayer, and Acts of Kindness, and each of these three aspects will be the focus of chavurot within our congregation.

Youth Groups

Moriah Congregation operates three different youth groups targeted to youth of differing ages. Each group has its own unique feel and culture while still working in concert to create a sense of friendship, community, and safety among all Moriah kids.

Chesed Committee

The Chesed Committee of Moriah Congregation seeks to nurture congregants at moments of joy, sorrow, and transition by providing support, solace, and hope to congregants and their families during times of illness, loss and grief, and also celebrating joyful events and transitions.

Israel Affairs

Moriah Congregation’s Israel Affairs Committee translates our love of Israel into tangible results, especially in the realm of pro-Israel advocacy. While all of us love Israel and many of us are knowledgeable about Israel, there is untapped energy and potential within our congregation.