V'Talmud Torah K'neged Kulum

“And the study of Torah supercedes all of the other Mitzvot.”

At Moriah, study is a lifelong pursuit. The education of our pre-school through high school children is perhaps our most important task. In addition, we are proud of the depth of desire of the adult congregants for their own continuing education. An integral part of our education program is to pursue Torah study for its own sake, always cognizant of the fact that, in doing so, we model Torah study for our youth. Jewish learning is an integral part of every life stage.

There is no stage of life where learning at Moriah stops.

Early Childhood

The Moriah Early Childhood Center serves as a model of excellence for Jewish preschools throughout the country. Led by Director Cherene Radis and her administrative team, the school is inspired by the Reggio Emilia which fosters curiosity and love of learning in an integrated secular and Jewish environment. A visit to the school will demonstrate just how vibrant and exciting Jewish early childhood learning can be.

Teen Learning

We continue our incredible partnership with NSS Beth El. We hope your 8th-12th graders will join us for this fun, engaging, and important learning opportunity with our rabbis and teens. The learning truly serves as the backbone for building this vibrant community of teens.

Our 8th grade program consists of a study of Pirkei Avot and is taught by Rabbi Mordechai Silverstein. The course also fulfills Camp Ramah’s continuing Jewish education requirement. Students and teachers enjoy a delicious kosher dinner each week.

Religious School

The Moriah Family School is a unique afternoon Hebrew school that features small, intimate classes, individualized learning opportunities, and a balanced focus of intellectual and skill development and spiritual awakening for its K through 7th grade students. Director of Education, Lori Kramer, tirelessly seeks to find innovative and creative ways to impart traditional learning to our youth. The faculty is fully accredited and dedicated to maximizing the 6 hours a week of religious instruction our children receive.

Lifelong Learning

Moriah Congregation's Adult Education includes lectures, seminars, cultural events and ongoing classes. From Talmud to History, Culture and Hebrew Language, Tefillah (Prayer), Israel, Current Events, cooking, Art, Dance and more; Moriah offers a wide range  of learning opportunities for our adult community. We also participate in the Melton School. A full listing of our current classes and lectures can be found on the Calendar of Events.