This CONTRACT is valid only for those Wearable Art & Accessories Artists who have been accepted to participate in the 2020 Moriah Judaic Art & Jewelry Fair.

Thank you for your interest and participation in this very special event. Please confirm your acceptance of the guidelines listed on the CONTRACT and FAIR INFORMATION page by Friday, November 15, 2019. In addition, please fill out and submit the Artist Travel and Setup Information page when you confirm your travel plans.

Below is a list of the types of wearable art & accessories that you may show and sell at our Fair:

  • Clothing
  • Hats
  • Scarves
  • Belts
  • Purses

You may not bring or sell any other type of art or jewelry.

Please fill out and submit or fax this document back to us:

  • SUBMIT via the “Submit” button at the bottom of the screen. Your submission of this document constitutes your acceptance of this contract. Please make sure to enter the information in the format listed in the boxes. Upon submission, a message will appear at the bottom of the screen indicating whether your information was submitted successfully. If not, please scroll up on the screen and make any modifications where the system indicates.
  • OR Fax this form (in landscape mode) using your browser’s “Print” button to 847.948.8240. Make sure to sign the “Signature Page”.



Agreed to on behalf of Moriah Congregation:

Due Date: November 15, 2019

Marc Botbol, Debbie Geller, Sheri Rosenbaum and DiAnne Riboh
Co-Chairs 2020 Moriah Congregation Judaic Art & Jewelry Fair

Lisa Kaplan, Executive Director

Agreed to on behalf of the Artist:

Artist Name:
Studio/Gallery Name:
Today's Date:
Signature or Initials:


Please complete and submit all information by Friday, November, 15, 2019

Zip or Postal Code:
Phone #:
Cell #:
(must begin with http://)
PRINT your name or your studio name exactly as it will appear on your sign:
Describe your work and medium in 15 words or less.
This description will be printed in our program book.
I will donate the following item to the raffle:
Value of item to be donated (U.S. $100 - $250):


Moriah Congregation will be having an "Artists Appreciation" event on Sunday, February 23. Further information on this event will be sent at a later date.


I do not need additional equipment
Booth Dimensions are approximately 8’ X 8'
You will receive the following at no cost: 1 6’ table, 1 black tablecloth, 2 chairs, 1 light and a waste basket
The following ADDITIONAL equipment is available for rent at the charges listed below. Enter the number of each item that you desire, then click the "Add Numbers" button at the bottom of the section.:
Additional 6’ table including black tablecloth $45 each
Additional 6’ table (per prior approval only) $30 each
Additional 4’ table including black tablecloth $35 each
Additional 4’ table (per prior approval only) $20 each
Grids 2’ x 7’ (up to 6 subject to availability) $10 each
Easels (up to 2 subject to availability) $10 each
Wall cases with locks and lights
4 shelves – 80” H, 20” D, 48”L
$325 each
Showcases with mirrored side locks and lights
2 shelves – 38” H, 20”D
$250 each
Hooks No charge
Wall space needed? (upon availability only)
Please note that you may not hang anything on the walls. You must order grids to hang your items.
If yes, please describe your request:

NOTE: The cost of additional equipment will be deducted from your final check.


Are others traveling with you?:
How many total people in your party?
If traveling with others, please provide their names:
Moriah Congregation will provide home hospitality for those who request it from Wednesday, February 19 – Monday, February 24, 2020 ONLY.
Number of people to be housed:
I keep Kosher
I need to be housed within walking distance of Moriah Congregation due to Shabbat needs
I am a Vegetarian
Allergies or Dietary Restictions: (please list, ie. food or pet allergies)
If you do not require home hospitality, where will you be staying?


Recommended hotels approximately 1 mile from Moriah.
You are responsible for making your own reservations, and paying for your accommodations as well as travel expenses, if you will not be staying with one of our members.

We recommend that you fly into O’Hare International Airport.
Transportation from O’Hare to Moriah by taxi costs approximately $35.00 (each way).
Transportation from Midway to Moriah costs approximately $70 or more each way.
We also recommend that you call one of these companies a day or two before you arrive to arrange for a taxi:
American Taxi at 800-244-1177
303 Taxi at 847-588-0303 (or
Please note that if you do not call one of the phone numbers above and simply take a taxi from the taxi lines at O'Hare airport, the rate will be at least doubled.
Host family assignments will be given out upon arrival in Chicago.
If your plans change and you won’t need home hospitality, please let us know as far in advance as possible.
We don’t want to disappoint our host families who are anticipating your visit and making arrangements to welcome you.