For thousands of years, the Jewish people have participated in an ongoing conversation with our texts, rituals, communal history, and most importantly, each other. We hope that our students will grow to become active participants in this Jewish conversation, and contribute their own unique voices to this dialogue. The Moriah Family School strives to bring Judaism and Jewish learning alive for the young people of our community in a caring and nurturing environment. We work in partnership with families to foster a strong sense of commitment and to strengthen Jewish identity in our students. We provide the young people of our congregation and their families with the tools and the desires to pursue lifelong study of the core texts, values, rituals and beliefs of the Jewish people. We believe that our students should be empowered to make informed and educated Jewish choices as members of the Jewish community and the greater community of which we all are a part. Our school and synagogue work as partners with our students and families, creating a spiritual home in which we can all grow as individuals and as a Jewish family.

At The Moriah Family School, our students share celebrations and life cycle events, have the opportunity to develop a personal connection to God, and discover the beauty of Judaism. Our students express the Jewish values they learn in their personal behavior. They understand the basic meaning of the prayers and are able to participate in religious services. Our students learn a mix of liturgical and modern Hebrew, the language of the Jewish people, build reading and basic comprehension skills, and develop a feeling of comfort with the siddur.

Moriah Congregation hopes to share the joy, excitement and reward of lifelong Jewish living with all those who enter its doors. We share in the challenges that Judaism presents, and strive to act as partners with our students, families and faculty members in creating a joyous, meaningful and rich Jewish life.